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Hello there! Welcome to the Autism Awareness Wiki! This Wiki is for those who suffer with every kind of Autism. Including Aspergers. We hope to bring a wide community together and bring awareness to the Wiki network. If you would like to get involved even further with the community, why not join our Wiki chat? Where you can find other people who suffer with Autism; hear about their stories and even find common simularities. Yes, that's right. Simularities. You're not alone. 

Our chat: Click here to access Chat You will need to have an account with Wikia. Don't forget to read the rules.

What can you do?

Awareness. We are keen to spread awareness around the Wikia network. So, please do help us with this. You could start by adding your story. Using this as the page name: (Your username):My Story. Doing this will allow other people who suffer with the same condition as you feel like they aren't alone and for those without Autism, it will allow them to understand. Or, if we have missed anything out, please do create a new page and add some more information! If it's about Aspergers, please put (Aspergers Syndrome) beside the name of the page, using the bracket.

A Thank You From the Administration

We here at the administration are thrilled to meet all kinds of people and will not judge you for anything. We want to take this space to thank you for visiting our Wiki and generally getting involved with the community. We hope to meet you soon! Don't forget to tell people about us! (Not on public Wiki chats).

Thanks again!

- The Administration Team

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